What is the Difference between Drywall and Gypsum Board?

Drywall and Gypsum Board

When considering a renovation of your home, you need to consider different factors to guarantee your new home is perfect for all your family needs. From choosing the right wall to the flooring, everything must be taken care of. So you must not hesitate to contact a good professional for help. Besides this, the most difficult choice to make is about the walls or partition. There are two most popular choices, drywall, and gypsum board which makes it extremely difficult to make a decision. Check out the difference between the two to guarantee you make the right choice.


Gypsum vs. Drywall

Drywall is a finishing product mainly used for building interiors. They can sometimes be referred to as gypsum board, while gypsum plaster, on the other side, is a material that is used for making drywall. It is manufactured using fiberglass matting covering. Depending upon the maker, sometimes the drywall can be made from fire-resistant materials.

The drywalls are preferable and for standard choice for interior wall finishing in new homes for those having a facelift. Some of the reasons why drywall is preferred include affordability, fire resistance, conventional plastering, and less requirement for labor. In addition, it can be used over the plaster walls and are easy to repaint.

In simple words, the gypsum board work gives your home a modern look while being fire-resistant and easy to paint. The gypsum used for making gypsum partitions is generally subjected to the calcination process to extract the volatile part of the mineral.

Given the fire resistance behavior of gypsum, it is highly used as a raw material for manufacturing different products, including drywall. There are different types of options one can choose from. However, most of them are transparent and colored with some plaster that glows. When gypsum is heated at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, the mineral loses water and turns into Plaster of Paris which is widely used for building material, and tell another option product called drywall which has replaced the other choices.

It is undoubtedly the fire resistance property of the substance which makes the product a top choice in the construction and building industry as structural damage can reduce any risk of fire.

In simple it can be said that drywall is basically a product of gypsum used for manufacturing. Also, they are available in gypsum board work and partition. Therefore, it can offer your new home the support and strength that needs to be elegant.


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